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Choosing a Food Safety Training Consultants

Food Safety and Hygiene Traning Consultants

Choosing About Hygiene Ltd, Food Safety & Hygiene Training Consultants

About Hygiene Ltd, is an approved a Quality Assured QQI Training Provider (formally FETAC). QQI is a state agency established by the Quality Assurance and Qualifications (Education and Training) Act 2012 with a board appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills.  QQI validate education and training programmes and make extensive awards in the Further Education and Training sector. QQI are responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of quality assurance in further and higher education providers in Ireland.

Food Safety and Residential & Community Care Settings

What are the Food Safety Requirements for a Residential Care Setting?

What is HACCP Food Safety?

HACCP Management Training

What is HACCP?

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognised system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.

Food Safety Study - Acrylamide in Food

Food Safety StudyBiscuits, Chips and Crisps are bad for you!

We all know that fried food isn’t good idea in the diet. Most might think, “I’m not overweight – so I’ve nothing to worry about”

What is Apricot Kernels and are they dangerous?

What are Apricot Kernels and why would people eat them?

Information available online suggests that bitter apricot kernels can be used as an alternative cancer therapy and products (kernels and powdered kernels) are freely available for sale. The sale of bitter apricot kernels or raw bitter almonds, when accompanied by medicinal claims, is illegal in the Republic of Ireland (under the medicines legislation). Despite this, these products are being sold on the internet and through other sources. These sources may recommend consumption of bitter apricot kernels and almonds at very high quantities, which can lead to considerable exposure to cyanide and consequent cyanide poisoning.

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