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EHAI Primary Safety Training in HACCP


This course trains food workers in the skills and knowledge of food safety and HACCP

  • Designed by Environmental Health Officers - The Health Inspectors
  • Certified by the professional body for Environmental Health Officers (EHAI) to FSAI Training Guide - Level 2
  • Recognised as the industry gold standard by trainers, employers and enforcement authorities
  • Complies with the legal obligation of food workers to be trained in food hygiene. 
  • We make your food business safer

Who should take this programme?

  • Anyone who is working with food
  • Anyone who is looking to improve their employment chances in the food industry
  • Anyone looking to comply with the legal requirement for training


  • The EHAI certified food safety course has been designed by enforcement officers working primarily with the catering and retail industry.
  • This programme is for food workers involved in all aspects of a catering or retail food business.
  • Any person who is involved with the running of a food business, the preparation and cooking of food or service within a food business should complete the Primary Course in Food Safety.
  • The course will introduce the food worker to the concept of HACCP and provide you with enough information to comply with the requirements of food safety legislation. 
  • You will learn about your responsibility as a food worker for good hygiene practices, understanding cross contamination and preventing food poisoning or food complaints. 


  • Food Safety
  • Microbiological Hazards
  • Food Contamination
  • HACCP from Delivery to Storage
  • HACCP from Food Preparation to Service
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Pest Control
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Food Safety Law and Enforcement


1 hour written exam 

Will I get help with the exam? YES!

  • Revision of the course material is built into the overall course
  • Your trainer will be able to assist you with any queries you have in advance of sitting the written exam
  • We will make the necessary arrangements for students with reading or writing needs.
  • An oral assessment can be provided but must be requested in advance of the exam date.
    • During the oral assessment questions will be read by the trainer overseeing the oral assessment; the answers can be written by the trainer if necessary.
    • Oral assessments are allowed for
      • Those with reading or writing or language difficulties
      • Those who are Department of Education approved to take state exams orally
      • National Training and Development Institute Learners or similar groups
      • Learners who fail in their first attempt due to challenges in reading or writing


Pass - Over 50%

Pass with Merit - 65% to 79%

Pass with Distinction - 80% and above

Other Information

How long will it take?

The primary course is a 1 day with 1 Hours exam.

The refresher course will take 4 hours to complete and also includes a written exam.

When will I get the certificate?

We submit corrected exam paper to the EHAI for external validation.  On receipt of validated exam papers, results are processed by EHAI and certificates are issued within four weeks

How long will the certificate last?

The Primary Course certificate is valid for 5 years. The refresher course certificate is valid for 3 years. You must be within your 5 year certification period in order to take the refresher course. If you are outside the 5 year certification period, you will be required to take the Primary Course again

Do I need to complete any other training course first?

Primary Course: No prior learning is required. Refresher Course: completion of the Primary Course or another equivalent food safety course within the previous 5 years will be necessary

Is it available in foreign languages?

No. However, we are very used to looking after students whose first language is not English. We will be happy to stop and explain if you are having difficulty.

Duration: 1.0 day(s)

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