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HACCP Food Safety Management – The Practical Implementation


FSAI Level 3 - 3 Day Food Safety Training Course


The Purpose of this 3 Day HACCP Food Safety Management training course is to enable the learner to develop, document, Implement and evaluate food safety management systems in a small to moderate scale food business operation such as catering and/or a small production environment based on the Codex Alimentarius Principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).


Unit 1
Food Business Legal & Industry Requirements

Learners will be able to: -

  • Outline the business operator’s legal responsibility for food safety in a food enterprise
  • Understand legal enforcement actions taken by regulatory authorities
  • Understand the voluntary standards and codes of practice in use in the industry
  • Outline requirements for prerequisite control
Unit 2

Food Safety Hazards & HACCP Planning

Learners will be able to: -

  • Understand food safety definitions and terminology
  • Define food hazards, risk, food spoilage, food poisoning and cross contamination Distinguish between microbiological, chemical, physical and allergen hazards
  • Interpret the 7 Codex Alimentarius Principles for HACCP as set out in Reg (EC) 852/2004
  • Evaluate food safety hazards and controls required as set out in industry standards, focusing on the following areas:- Delivery, Storage, Preparation, Processing & Service/Transportation
Unit 3
Managing situations of routine complexity

Learners will be able to: -

  • Demonstrate the skills required for situations involving routine complexity in their business in the following areas:- dismantling/cleaning complex equipment, dealing with a food safety complaint, providing assistance with internal/external auditors, enforcement officers & follow up non-compliance with appropriate corrective actions
Unit 4
Staff Training & Management

Learners will be able to: -

  • Demonstrate the skills required to supervise staff
  • Ensure food safety training needs are identified and met
  • Review implementation of food safety skills
  • Establish and maintain working relationships to ensure food safety


The Training notes are based on the following:

  • FSAI Food Safety Training Guide 1 to 3
  • IS 340:2007 - Hygiene in the Catering Sector
  • IS 341:2007 - Hygiene in the Food Retailing & Wholesaling Sector


  • Written Examination (40%)
  • Project (60%)


  • Pass
50% - 64%
  • Merit
65% - 79%
  • Distinction
80% - 100%

Other Information

This Programme is aimed at Owners, Managers, Supervisors or people who see themselves in these roles and who have responsibility for

  • Implementing and Auditing the HACCP Food Safety System in a small to moderate scale environment

It is recommended that learners have completed basic food hygiene training or have relevant work experience before attending this training programme.

Duration: 3.0 day(s)

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